Engraved Dies - Packaging Type Dies

Type used in the food, tobacco, pharmaceutical and healthcare industries for date coding and batch numbering. Packaging type can also be used for foil blocking and marking on film, card, plastic, paper and metal packaging.
Packaging Type
Packaging type can be made to suit many different applications:
Indent Marking:
Sharp faced type used to indent characters, usually into cardboard, silver foil packaging or blister packs.
Male and female type are paired to produce an upstanding or sunken mark.


Hot Foil Marking:
Using flat faced characters to transfer foil onto packaging. Type is heated by a thermostatically controlled holder.
Plastic Forming:
Female type is pressed into melted plastic and leaves an upstanding moulded character.
Transfer of ink using type with flat faced characters.
Typically type can be manufactured for the following printers, coders and cartoner machines:

Allen Coder – Focke – Molins – Norden – IWKA – Metronic – Uhlmann – Marchesini – Blister Partine – Klockner – Bosch – Sasib – Harland – Minex
Details of our most popular range for Allen Coder Machines is available here:
Information required to specify your requirement:
  • Font required.
  • Drawing, specification or sample of type required.
  • Machine and holder to be utilised.
  • Application type to be utilised in.
  • Type can be supplied in high grade brass or stainless steel.
  • Bespoke type available with logos, or alternative fonts and sizes.
  • Standard Fonts available Univers 55, Univers 57, Granby light Condensed, Gill Bold Condensed, Gill Medium and Gill Bold.
  • Standard sizes - 6pt - 1.7mm 8pt - 2.0mm 10pt - 2.5mm 12pt - 3.0mm 14 pt - 3.3mm 18pt - 4.0mm 24pt - 6.0mm.
  • Flat faced options available for foil blocking.
  • CNC engraving and software capability enables high tolerance mass production. • In house heat treatment provides consistent quality and hardness.
  • Produced to BS EN ISO9001:2000 quality standard.
Support Services:


  • Helpful and experienced staff, ready to provide advise on all technical issues relating to packaging type applications.
  • Design and Drawing facility to assist in manufacture of holders.
  • Maintenance of a database to record Logos and solid block inscription histories.

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