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Marking Automation


In addition to the standard product range, Marks Pryor has an in-house facility to provide design-to-order solutions, be it a consumable item or a total system solution.

As industry increasingly moves towards automated production processes so the marking function needs to be integrated into those processes.

Marks Pryor has the resource to provide that service:
Our design team will discuss your requirement and offer appropriate feeding and mechanical handling systems, coupled with computerised communication to match your production requirements.

Long experience in satisfying a wide range of customer needs combined with a continuous research and development programme to offer the ultimate choice and flexibility, PRYOR constantly meets new demands from industry, providing ideal solutions to a wide range of individual or mass production marking problems through custom built machinery.

Although Marks Pryor has a comprehensive range of standard machinery to suit most applications, they also have a specialist design and manufacturing facility to solve non-standard, custom-built marking operations.

Modern industrial techniques demand automated production processes with little downtime, to ensure optimum efficiency. The marking process needs to be fully integrated with the production line, offering appropriate feeding and mechanical handling of the part being marked, and computerised communication with the main line control as well as with the preceding and succeeding processes.


Marking Products

We develop, design and manufacture 6 permanent marking technologies for direct part marking or data plate marking (tag marking). As manufacturer and experts in these technologies we offer design-to-order solutions as well as the widest range of standard marking products available on the market. Our systems are well known in the aerospace industry for extremely high quality of marks but also appreciated by many other industrial customers for their robustness and reliability.

Dot Marking Machines
Scribe Marking Machines
Laser Marking Machines
Electrochemical Marking Machines
Engraved Dies
Manual & Press Marking Machines

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Toll Free No.: 1800 209 5050

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